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API-Based Smart Contract Solution For Exchange Hacking

A risk management protocol that implements fast and accurate compensation functions on behalf of investors who are victims of an exchange hacking incident

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We proudly announce our exchange partners,
LATOKEN and BitMart.

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API-Based Smart Contract Solution For Exchange Hacking

A risk management protocol that implements fast and accurate compensation functions on behalf of investors who are victims of an exchange hacking incident

ONE PAGER [English]

We proudly announce our exchange partners,
LATOKEN and BitMart. Buy & Trade INCO Here:

Why Incodium

The Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market is among the most rapidly growing sectors of the global economy, representing about 250 Billion USD in value as at the second quarter of 2018. Along with the expansion of the cryptocurrency market are new threats, including ‘scam’ projects, and more importantly, hacking incidents on cryptocurrency exchanges.


Hacking erodes confidence and represents the main threat to the value of cryptocurrencies. Efforts to refund investors for damages by some hacked exchanges have been slow, leading to uncertainty about how long repayment processes take. Incodium coin (INCO) was designed to fill this gap.

Incodium’s Solution

Incodium provides a rational way for investors to cope with the threat of exchange hacking by providing a ‘smart compensation protection’ service for eligible victims.

Smart Compensation Protection

Incodium is the most effective solution for providing fast compensation to investors
who are victims of hacking incidents on exchanges where Incodium coin (INCO) is listed

Compensation eligibility

Hacking victim who owns Incodium coin in Incodium Mobile Wallet App

Compensation range

All cryptocurrency damages incurred in the event of exchange hacking incident on an exchange where Incodium coin is listed

Compensation amount

The lowest amount of the three values :
① 30 times the amount of Incodium coin owned
② 10,000 USD
③ Actual damage

Compensation method

Incodium coin amounting to the compensation amount is sent to the Incodium Mobile Wallet App

► Example
The exchange used by Investor A who owns Incodium coin in an Incodium Mobile Wallet App is hacked

The value of Incodium coin at the time of hacking: Assume 1 INCO = 0.3 USD

1.  Incodium coin owned by investor A: 1,100 INCO (330 USD)
2.  Hacking damage to investor A: 8,000 USD
3.  Compensation amount is calculated within the agreed compensation limit:

  • ① 30 times the Incodium coin owned = 330 USD X 30 = 9,900 USD
  • ② 10,000 USD
  • ③ Actual damage = 8,000 USD

Compensation: 26,667 Incodium coins which correspond to the compensation amount of 8,000 USD is deposited into A’s Incodium Mobile Wallet App.

Incodium Ecosystem

The Incodium connectivity platform is a revenue model for Incodium as well as an exclusive offering provided to INCO coin holders. It is accessible through the Incodium Mobile Wallet App. The ecosystem helps to sustain hacking damage compensation services and provides INCO coin holders access to various utility functions.


Token Allocation

ERC20 Ethereum Request for Comment 20

Total volume issued:
10,000,000,000 INCO

Lock Up

6,000,000,000 INCO (Hacking damage compensation)

Pre Sale

1,500,000,000 INCO

Public Sale

1,500,000,000 INCO


500,000,000 INCO

Community, Team, Partners

500,000,000 INCO


* Manual information verification with Exchanges in the case of a hacking incident
** Automatic information verification with Exchanges takes effect

The Incodium Team

Daniel Park
Co-founder Co-CEO

As the CEO of a risk management and investment firm (working with private investors and SMEs over 10 years), l have learned that all successful processes are accompanied by enormous risks and threats. In recent years, while the world has embraced the cryptocurrency revolution, the risk of hacking and fraud—which threaten market participants—is growing. Because these threats are too big for individuals to manage, we are launching the Incodium Project, providing a way for people to prepare for the threats of the cryptocurrency market. Our focus is the Exchange hacking compensation; providing immediate compensation for coins lost as a result of hacking on Cryptocurrency Exchanges. We are committed and working hard to achieve this goal and gain the trust and confidence of the market participants worldwide.

Martin Jang
Co-founder Co-CEO

MBA in Finance, Yonsei Univ., Korea
B.S. in Management Information System, Univ. of Newcastle, Australia

Business Development Manager, Visual Product Division, Epson
Overseas Sales & Marketing Manager, B2B Division, LG Electronics

Fred Kim
Co-founder CMO

Adjunct Professor, Marketing, Woosong University;
Director of Institute for Creative Management Academy;
Director of Korea Industry 4.0 Association

Chief Technology & Strategy Officer

PhD in Electrical Engineering, Yale University, USA

Innovation enthusiast—from practical mindfulness to revolutionizing the status quo

Jay Lee
Head of Blockchain Technology

CEO, NEMOLab (Blockchain Development Company);
CEO, Cardano Plus (Blockchain Development Company);
CEO, MIC Consulting Korea (Investment Company);
Daitobunka University, Japan;
Author of “Rakuten Story”

Jinkyu Kim
Head of Big Data

Professor, Changwon Moonsung Univ., Bigdata Center;
Visiting Research Professor, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon Univ.;
KMBA at Korea Univ.;
B.S. in Adv. Materials Engineering, Sungkyunkwan Univ.;

Big Data Platform/Analytics, Text Mining, Machine Learning, Network Analysis

SoJung Ban
Head of Legal

Lead Attorney, Hoyul Law Firm;
Consulting Attorney, LH Corporation;
Member, Seoul District Attorney’s Office;
Member, Fire Brigade Review Board;

Sam Kwak
App & Blockchain Software Engineer

Blockchain development;
PC application development;

Kwangwoon University

Yun Su Lee
Android Software Engineer

Android development;
Video platform development;
Web development;

Howon University

Youngdae Jun
Server & Blockchain Software Engineer

Server development;
Blockchain development;
iOS & Android development;

Cheongju University

June An
Planning Team Leader

Business and Technology, Bellevue College, USA;

Global Business Project Manager, Onnet Overseas (online game & search portal);
CEO, ItHaus

Lydia Lee
PR Manager

Daejeon University;
Fashion Designer;
CEO of Online Shopping mall;
Background in Advertisement

Gilbert Tanwie Talom
Market Research and Development

Lecturer at Korea University GSIS;
PhD in International Relations, Korea University

Nick Chi
Digital Marketing and Analytics

CEO, Cruseau Consulting

Sean Park
Executive Director

Sales Consultant;
Pre-IPO investment practice for SMEs;
Licensed Realtor

Barca Ha
General Manager

Sales Consultant;
Pre-IPO investment practice for SMEs


Nikolay Shkilev

Nikolay is a crypto enthusiast and mentor. He was rated one of the Top 3 people in Blockchain in 2018. He has over 20 years experience in large-scale transaction projects, and is the winner of many awards and titles in IT business. Nikolay is also the founder and CEO of Private Business Club, the recepient of the “Enterprise of the Year” award in the Kremlin.
With Incodium, Nikolay is actively involved in exchange listings, creating and maintaining partnerships with other projects. He also advises the project on various social media strategies.

Vladimir Nikitin

Vladimir is a legal consultant, financial advisor with over ten years’ experience in the legal, financial, retail, and IT industries. He is a well-known cryptocurrency expert, ICO advisor, and was rated one of the Top 4 people in Blockchain. As an active supporter and advocate of blockchain technology, he provides consultancy and advice to selected projects in the CIS region. His network in the crypto community counts over 31,000 followers.
Vladimir advises the Incodium project on exchange listing, project publicity and partnership with other projects. He is working on creating exposure for the project through the publication of articles and arranging interviews with pioneers in the blockchain community.

Savio Gomez

Savio is an active Strategy Advisor to a dozen start up projects across diverse industries. He has close to three decades of international and diverse experience in the Transportation & Technology fields. With an MBA in International Business, Trade & Logistics, Savio is a certified Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence professional, and a Master Mariner with degrees leading up to a PhD in the Marine Transportation & Technology field.

At Incodium, Savio advises in strategic matters such as partnerships, exchange listing, best practices, investor relation and assists in the global expansion of the project.

Ismail Malik

Ismail Malik, a self-styled ‘social engineer and PR Renegade’, is the Editor in Chief of the world’s foremost publication on Initial Coin Offerings — ICOcrowd, has over 20 years experience in technology related startups and entrepreneurship, and is among the leading experts in the blockchain field. In fact, Ismail has been recognized as part of the top-100 most influential people in blockchain by rise.global.
Ismail is also the founder and CEO of Blockchain Lab, ‘supplychain on blockchains consultant’ for Chainx, crafts smart contracts on the blockchain for SmartLedger, retired co-founder of the Credits protocol, and former director of the Ideas Lab for College Space.

Robert Stone

Rob has negotiated over $1bn of technology solutions for major corporations during his impressive career. He started to explore opportunities with blockchain tech in 2016 and has since dedicated his career to the ICO space providing advisory, mentoring and capital investment services to new blockchain projects. Rob brings a wealth of business and operational knowledge following successful assignments with a number of new technology projects. On the rare occasion when his laptop is closed, Rob enjoys flying his drone in some of the worlds most remote locations capturing some amazing aerial imagery.

Dr. Jay (Jangwoo) Lee

Dr Jay Lee is a distinguished brand marketing coach, with over 27 years of experience working with companies across the world, including 5M & Imation in the US and South Korea. He holds PhDs in Arts and Marketing. Dr Jay has made hundreds of appearances at brand marketing, innovation, trends, Blockchain and ICO events across the globe.

Executive Vice Chairman of Korea Marketing Association;
Member of Board of Directors of Coreana Cosmetics;

Former Advisor for:
-Hyundai Engineering & Construction;
-National Tax Office (Republic of Korea);
-Nation policies at President’s office (Republic of Korea)

Professor Sunghee Kim

Professor Emeritus, KAIST Business School;
Visiting Professor, KAIST Graduate School of Future Strategies;
President, International Knowledge Service Society

B.E., Seoul National University;
M.E. in Industrial Engineering, Univ. of Missouri, USA;
Ph.D. in Management Engineering, Stanford University, USA

-Dean, KAIST Management College;
-President, Korea Medical Information Society;
-Advisor: LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor;
-Director: Korea Software Promotion Agency (NIPA), National Information Promotion Agency (NIA)

Our Technology Solution

Incodium is excited to bring the security and technology expertise of KeySupreme
together with the blockchain development power of NEMOLab

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